The Masters of Emotion

When I work with leaders around the world, one thing that fascinates me is that so many think once they’re a 6 or 7-figure earner, they don’t have any emotional drama. They think that money takes care of everything. But mastering your emotions is one of the most important topics to deal with. I had to deal with emotional mastery myself, and I help leaders from around the world deal with it. It’s the thing that I see stop most people from reaching their full potential. Most of the issues come from old programming from when we were kids. You The post The Masters of Emotion appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

The Relationship Block

I have worked with thousands of 6 figure earners at all levels of the game. And one of the most common challenges of every high-level earner is relationships. You probably think that relationships shouldn’t be a challenge for a top earner because we build our organization based upon relationships. We have relationships with our prospects and team. We are relationship professionals. And you’re right. However… Relationships are one of the blocks that keep many from going to the next level. There’s an art as a leader to building the right kind of relationships with your team. You want a relationship The post The Relationship Block appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

Just a Decision Away

One theme keeps coming to my mind. All you need to go to the top in this profession is just to make a decision. That’s it. You are just a decision away from being able to recruit. You are just a decision away from being able to build customers. You are just a decision away from being able to grow a large organization and go to the top rank in your company. In other professions, that’s not true. You have to have politics, connections, incredible talent and skills, and education. You have to have all these things, but not in The post Just a Decision Away appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.