TRUTH: The Pen IS Mightier Than The Sword…And So Is The Tongue!

Watch this episode of The Dani Johnson Show, as Dani reveals these simple little words… and how you can use them to propel you, both personally and professionally, like CRAZY!


A $200 Gift for Friends & Family

Objections are the one thing that strikes fear into the hearts of most Network Marketers. How would you like to be excited when a prospect gives you an objection? How would you like to convert more prospects? How much better could you prospect if you knew what to say to every objections? What if you felt confident and not scared? Click here to claim Your $200 Gift and Get Ready to Master Every Objection! Hurry! This gift expires on September 21, 2017. The post A $200 Gift for Friends & Family appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

Stop Waiting, Make It Happen

Today, I want to talk about one of the fundamental aspects of an entrepreneur—how to think like an entrepreneur. The longer you continue to think like an employee, the more you will be frustrated as you try to build your entrepreneurial business. It requires different thinking. One of the biggest aspects to think like an entrepreneur is in the area of support. Entrepreneurs don’t wait for support, they create it. They don’t need someone to hold their hand, they take care of it. Entrepreneurs solve problems, find solutions, and don’t wait for their upline, company, or training to provide guidance. The post Stop Waiting, Make It Happen appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

Breaking Out of Procrastination…Tomorrow

I wanted to share with you a quick message about procrastination. They say that people can teach what they struggle with the most. And that is certainly true with me. I have struggled with procrastination throughout my entire career. I don’t know why I procrastinate, but it is something I am constantly dealing with and am always trying to figure out how to break out of. When I do bust out of procrastination, then I go into hyper-activity and I get a lot of stuff done. So, I wanted to give you some strategies that have worked for me. What The post Breaking Out of Procrastination Tomorrow appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.