[Success Story Saturday] “Just Crossed $200K In MLSP Commissions”

How loud can we say #BOOM! after that little tidbit that L5 April ­Marie Tucker shared inside the MLSP community this week? And before you go thinking “Yeah, but that s just because she s a leader with tons of followers and some magical powers” (see, we read your mind here at MLSP – the truth is that it wasn t long ago that she was just like you! Maybe worse off! She started out at zero. In fact, she started at zero, was overworked, barely saw her kids because she was hustling to put food on the table for them, working as a cocktail waitress. Worked holidays. Late nights. Sound familiar? Do you spend YOUR time at work, wishing you were somewhere else? Doing the things that you want, with the people you love? NOW she sips cocktails by the pool, and works her biz mostly from her phone using simple Apps! It all starts somewhere. It all starts with a decision. How to Become the Top Enroller In Your Company Linda Bomba also started exactly where you re at now IN THE BEGINNING


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