How To Pull In The Ultimate Leads By Mixing Story Telling With Facebook Ads

There’s no doubt that Facebook ads are an incredible source of traffic and leads. We also all heard that facts tell and stories sell. So today, I’m going to teach you how to great “calculated” story telling with Facebook ads to create a series of desired results, all of which will mean more money in your pocket! Over the last couple of years I’ve created really great results using Facebook conversion ads to generate leads. However…the landscape continues to change and the way in which we advertise must change with it. Pushing your capture page in front of an entirely cold audience on Facebook is not only less effective than it used to be, but it’s swimming upstream against the direction that Facebook is moving when it comes to it’s ad policies. As you’ve probably picked up from some of the great training inside MLSP, more than ever the best move is to use native advertising. In other words approach cold traffic with valuable content which brings them into your world

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