[Success Story Saturday] What Happened Just 48 Hours After Attending the MLSP Retreat for One Member?

MLSP CEO Brian Fanale couldn t help himself this week. Just 48 hours after the MLSP Mastermind Retreat, member Erin Birch blasted through to L4 inside MLSP! She s on fire and there are plenty more huge breakthroughs in her future for sure. You ll see her story below, posted not by her but by Brian Fanale himself! Pretty amazing Erin! Looks like you ve got the fire and tenacity of the Honey Badger inside you! While the 2016 MLSP Mastermind Retreat is already behind us, all is not lost for YOU. Because the MLSP Live the Dream 7 Event is just around the corner in August! Want to rub elbows with members who were at the retreat? Want to get trained, and personally pick the brain of the biggest leaders in the industry? Then get to the Live the Dream Event no matter what! “Just Generated 2 Leads in the Same Day!! Never Happened Before” As MLSP member Rebecca Lawrence Higton just found out, when you apply solid marketing principals to your business – leads begin to flow in. Two lead

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