Dealing with strict people – GEMS Emeralds – MLM – Success Tips #112

Dealing with strict people If you want to know about dealing with strict people, listen in. When I say strict, I just mean people who like things done according to the rules people who like to be on time people who are perfectionists and people who like to deal with charts and graphs and [ ] The post Dealing with strict people GEMS Emeralds MLM Success Tips #112 appeared first on Success With JS.

My Free Gift to You

Click here to register now for your free access to this home study course! Your free on-demand viewing access will begin at 8:30 am CST on Feb. 6 and end at 8:30 am on Feb. 10th. Make sure you share this with your team! Perfect for team training meetings or have your team watch and then have a training call to review all the strategies, tips and advice that you will learn in this free course. It is regularly $297 but for a limited time, you can get on-demand viewing access for free! (you will have 72 hours of free [ ] The post My Free Gift to You appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

Habits of a Strong Leader

Sir Richard Branson discusses some of the habits that make a strong leader. He says that the most important attribute of a good leader is that they listen well. Good leaders already know what they think, and so there is no point in spouting what they think to their team. Instead, you need to learn from your team and your customers. Listen. Meet with your staff and customers, and write things down. Sometimes, it’s just tiny little things. But it’s those tiny little things that can make an exceptional company over an average company. When you listen, you can get [ ] The post Habits of a Strong Leader appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

Both Feet in the Pool

In life, you have to make the decision to go after it if you want to succeed. Decide ends with “cide”, like suicide and homicide. All of those mean the death of something, and that’s what a real decision is. You see, for most people, they spend their whole life trying different things. They stick their toe in the water of life everywhere. If you want to be somebody that wins, you’ve got to jump in the water. You can’t be the person hanging out on the steps saying, “Oh, it’s a little bit cold.” You’ve got to get in [ ] The post Both Feet in the Pool appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

Becoming Unstoppable

Diana Ross talks about becoming unstoppable through your unshakable belief.  What is belief?  Belief is having the ability to see something before it comes into your life.  But where does that belief come from? I have never gotten a starter packet with the word belief on it, opened if, and suddenly I believed.  It doesn’t work like that.  Everyone will tell you starting out, that you’ve got to have belief, but they don’t tell you where to find that belief! Well, the first stage of belief is faith, and faith starts with showing up.  You show up to events, you [ ] The post Becoming Unstoppable appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.