Get Your Momentum Going Again

In today’s show, I’m discussing how to keep momentum going in your business and how to get “unstuck”. There is a lot of talk in network marketing about taking massive action, making big goals, hitting big numbers, and big recruiting, but sometimes you might just get stuck. If you’ve been around this profession for any period of time, you know that sometimes you just lose momentum. And the next thing you know, you have a lost day. You turn on the TV or scroll through social media, and you lose a day. Sometimes a lost day turns into more than The post Get Your Momentum Going Again appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

Which Way Are You Running?

Today, Jeremy Stansfield shares his take on how to approach obstacles. He says that when he started in Network Marketing, he wasn’t very good at prospecting. But he had that one friend that he was just sure would get on board with him. He just knew his friend would be perfect. But Jeremy’s friend wasn’t excited about the opportunity. He wanted to tear down the opportunity, gave negative feedback, and tried to talk Jeremy out of the opportunity. That hurt to hear. But Jeremy kept working with his friend, and eventually he got him to sign up. So, do you The post Which Way Are You Running? appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

Try One More Time

I believe that our greatest weakness lies in giving up. Too many give up when things don’t work out the way they hoped. But there is so much value and power in trying just one more time. So, my encouragement for you today is to try one more time. If you struggle to get a prospect to understand your opportunity, try one more time. If you struggle to get someone to try out a product or service as a customer, try one more time. If you struggle to get people at events, to hold home parties, or to get in The post Try One More Time appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.