The Greatest Networkers on Earth Do This

In this show, I am revealing the number one secret of Million Dollar earners and leaders… Relationships. Relationships are more important than your opportunity, product, compensation plan and skills. The truth is, people care more about you caring about them than they do about the great opportunity that you have. When people sense that they can trust you and believe in you, and have a relationship with you, then they’ll be open to looking at all your different opportunities, whether it’s to be a customer or to be a distributor. Relationships are the most important thing. Relationships are two-fold in The post The Greatest Networkers on Earth Do This appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

The End Is Not The End

In this video, Susan Sly shares her wisdom on an important skill in Network Marketing… following up. We talk often about the people in Network Marketing who were living in their car or were an addict, and we share all of these stories. But you have people like that on your list right now, and you’re not following up with them because you’ve told yourself a story. You say that they don’t have the money, and they’re not going to be interested. But if you genuinely care about people, then you will follow up and follow up and follow up The post The End Is Not The End appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

Learning How to Present

Today, I want to talk about a principal for growing your Network Marketing business that is very important: increasing the number of quality and qualified presenters in your organization. I’m a huge fan and a big believer in using third-party tools whenever possible, but sometimes what’s necessary to expand an organization and give it more stability is to increase the number of presenters in your organization. Typically, an organization will have a few presenters who do all of the presentations. Everybody else just brings people to the presentations, and those few presenters do all of the talking. But the presenters The post Learning How to Present appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.