Marriage 101: The Stuff You May NOT Know…And NEED To!

So much confusion surrounds the roles husbands and wives should each fill in their marriage. We’re missing something fundamental to functional relationships is MISSING in the world today…HONOR! So let’s restore honor & OUR roles in marriage and begin to truly honor your spouse!

If I Had More Time

One of the most common objections that prospects like to throw up when you introduce them to Network Marketing is “I don’t have the time.” Don’t believe that, and here’s one reason why There was a recent study that talked about television time. This study showed that the average American watches about 27 hours a week watching television. Let me give you some break downs of this… Those under 24, average about 22 hours a week watching television. That might sound better than the national average, but that’s because those people are sitting with their devices watching YouTube, playing games, The post If I Had More Time appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

Are You Working at Minimum Wage?

If you’re involved in Network Marketing, if you’re an entrepreneur, you can’t afford to mow your own lawn. Let me explain… I have been mentored by a few different billionaires throughout my Network Marketing career. I sought out my first mentor and asked him how do I make more success for myself? I want to make a million dollars a year! My mentor said, “To make a million dollars a year you have to earn approximately $500 an hour in order to meet your goal. Is there a task you can do in your business that will earn you $500 The post Are You Working at Minimum Wage? appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.