Finding the Unicorn of Network Marketing

Check Out the 3-Hour Live Online Coaching Event on Advanced Duplication & Retention Strategies on March 3rd at 12PM PT Duplication is an elusive beast in Network Marketing. It’s like unicorn dancing through the woods. You’ve heard about it, but you’ve never seen. Most people really struggle with duplication. I know I did. When I first got involved in Network Marketing, I’d bring in a group of people, and they’d bring in people. But once my organization got up to around 20 or 30 people, it’d crash back down on itself. During my first 3 years in Network Marketing, I The post Finding the Unicorn of Network Marketing appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

If You Dream It, Believe It

Jessica Hayes talks about getting back to your dreams. Whatever it is you wanted as a kid, get that same determination back in you because nothing will motivate you more than knowing where you are going. And if you know where you are going, you will work harder than ever to get there. When I first started in Network Marketing, they asked me what it was that I wanted to get out of it. My dream at the time was to live on the beach and travel the world. And I’ve accomplished those things. But once I accomplished them, I The post If You Dream It, Believe It appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.