One of My Worst Days in Network Marketing

Learn more about the Inviting: Mastering the Gateway Skill LIVE Online Coaching Event on April 7th at Noon (PT) at This is a recording of a Facebook Live I did recently where I discussed a lesson I gained from one of my worst days in Network Marketing. When I first got involved in Network Marketing, I expected that people would at least be willing to hear and learn about my product. I found out that wasn t true. People weren t willing to even look at it. And this lead to one of my most embarrassing and worst days in my The post One of My Worst Days in Network Marketing appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

It’s the Magical Time for Network Marketing

The thing that most people don’t understand about Network Marketing right now is how early it still is. Yes, we’re doing almost $200 billion in combined revenue around the world. And yes, there’s a hundred million people involved around the world either part-time or full-time. But it’s still so early. Here’s what is happening right now… #1 The products are growing up Lazy products are not working in the marketplace. So, the products and services are getting better and better. #2 The companies are improving Companies are going to another level in terms of branding, service, support, and technology. #3 The post It s the Magical Time for Network Marketing appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.