The Invitation Is Where It Happens

Hayley Hobson shares important tips on how to approach the invitation when recruiting. The energy you create is going to determine your ultimate results and your actions. So, energy combined with action will have a positive effect on your business. And with positive energy, your actions will be focused on adding value and impacting lives rather than this desperate energy of getting somebody enrolled or sponsoring somebody. And the invitation is where it happens. The invitation is where you can make an impact and add value by inviting them into your life, not just a sit-down. In other words, you The post The Invitation Is Where It Happens appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

3 Questions Every Network Marketer Needs to Answer

Brandon Hayes asks 3 questions that every Network Marketing professional needs to ask themselves, especially when things get hard. #1 If not Network Marketing, then what am I going to do? On those days when things are hard and tough, ask yourself, what else would you do? Get a job? This question is for those late nights when you’re tired and a little delirious, and you’re thinking “I’m either insane, or I am destined for something great.” So, if not Network Marketing, what are you going to do? #2 If not now, then when? Now is really the only time The post 3 Questions Every Network Marketer Needs to Answer appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

Luck Won’t Get You To The Top

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, the holiday surrounded by Lucky Charms and Magic Beans which is fun except when it comes to your business. Luck has very little to do with massive success in Network Marketing. I was digging through some old video files and have an important message to share with you on this holiday! The post Luck Won t Get You To The Top appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.