Before You Quit, Ask Yourself This…

Sandra Yancey, the founder of eWomenNetwork, had a powerful defining moment as she was building her business when she considered quitting. She was working long hours and struggling to pay the bills when she had a phone call with her mother. Sandra considered getting a job while working on her business on the side, but her mom didn’t believe that would be feasible. So, then Sandra said that maybe she should just quit. And her mom said something that she’ll never forget. Her mom said, “How do you know that you’re not quitting five minutes before the miracle begins?” When The post Before You Quit, Ask Yourself This appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

PitBull is Coming!

Get ready for Go Pro Recruiting Mastery 2017!  One of the biggest stars and sought after entertainers, PitBull, will be hitting the stage and bringing us an inspiring presentation about turning adversity into opportunity.  With #1 hit songs, world tours, multiple Grammy awards, 60 million followers on Facebook, and over 10 billion YouTube views, PitBull has definitely found success.  Growing up in Miami, Florida, PitBull’s earliest memory is being forced to listen to Tony Robbins audios in his mom’s car.  He became an example of what is possible in life, and now he shares with others how they can turn The post PitBull is Coming! appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.