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Building a personal brand is CRITICAL when it comes to home based businesses. Your brand is the driving force of your business. Yet many believe that it’s too difficult, or its only for Fortune 500 companies. These 3 truths will slay those beliefs and myths for good…


When Things Get Hard

People tell me all the time, “building a business is hard. Network marketing is hard. Motivating myself is hard.” Most people want to avoid “hard.”  They want to avoid the things that are difficult, the things that are challenging them, and the things that are pushing them. They think that the hard part of their life is over, so now they want things to be easy. But, life doesn’t get easier.  You just have to learn how to work through the hard until it becomes familiar to you. So, you have to ask yourself, “Is staying in a job that The post When Things Get Hard appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

Building is About the Basics

Do you get muscles just because you have a gym membership? No, you have to go in and lift weights. Many people come into Network Marketing, and they don’t make any money because they’re not lifting the weights. The weights in Network Marketing are the basics, and there are three basics. 1. Use the product It sounds like a simple concept, but many people don’t do this. You have to be your own best customer. How are you going to get other people to believe in the product, if you don’t believe in it? So, it’s very important to get The post Building is About the Basics appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

Building Your Business Abroad

People are always asking me, “How do I sponsor long distance? How do I find people in other countries and build an international business?” The first thing to do is identify which countries your company reaches. Then, make it your mission to start asking people every single day, “Do you know anyone in…?” Let’s say you want to expand your business to Germany. Ask everyone you know, “Do you know anyone in Germany? Do you know anyone in Germany?” You’ll be amazed with the list you start to generate. Once you get that list, reach out to those people abroad. The post Building Your Business Abroad appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.