Simple Online Strategies #002 – Tell stories

Tell stories Telling stories is something you ll hear from every top earner. Tell stories they say is how others can relate to you. Stories aren t always related I listened once to an audio book about how a man helped another man stop smoking with a completely, seemingly unrelated story. The man s wife wanted him to[…] Continue Reading The post Simple Online Strategies #002 Tell stories appeared first on Jean-Serge Gagnon.

Simple Online Strategies #001 – Do something

Do something It s easy to get overwhelmed with everything that we hear we need to do online to build a business. No matter what you are struggling with, just do something! Find a strategy Of course you first need to choose a strategy but the point is, if you can t choose one, then flip a[…] Continue Reading The post Simple Online Strategies #001 Do something appeared first on Jean-Serge Gagnon.

Online Branding Success Secret – Post #117

Online Branding Success Secret What is the ONE online branding success secret? You know, I ve been struggling for over a year in my online journey. I mean, sure I ve got lots of successes, but not what I d set out for. Don t get me wrong, I consider myself successful and wouldn t trade the learning I ve made [ ] The post Online Branding Success Secret Post #117 appeared first on Success With JS.