The Invitation Is Where It Happens

Hayley Hobson shares important tips on how to approach the invitation when recruiting. The energy you create is going to determine your ultimate results and your actions. So, energy combined with action will have a positive effect on your business. And with positive energy, your actions will be focused on adding value and impacting lives rather than this desperate energy of getting somebody enrolled or sponsoring somebody. And the invitation is where it happens. The invitation is where you can make an impact and add value by inviting them into your life, not just a sit-down. In other words, you The post The Invitation Is Where It Happens appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

Do Chickens Fly?

Matt Morris shares a funny lesson on recruiting and getting your distributors started in Network Marketing. He would become excited by a conference call or a great story, and hurry to sponsor 5 people. But those 5 people wouldn’t do anything. He was committed, though, and wanted them to win. It was like having 5 chickens running around. He would pick one up and say, “Here’s what I learned. You can do it. I believe in you. Now fly!” But do chickens fly? No. They just flop back down. So, he’d run back over and give them more encouragement to The post Do Chickens Fly? appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

Which Way Are You Running?

Today, Jeremy Stansfield shares his take on how to approach obstacles. He says that when he started in Network Marketing, he wasn’t very good at prospecting. But he had that one friend that he was just sure would get on board with him. He just knew his friend would be perfect. But Jeremy’s friend wasn’t excited about the opportunity. He wanted to tear down the opportunity, gave negative feedback, and tried to talk Jeremy out of the opportunity. That hurt to hear. But Jeremy kept working with his friend, and eventually he got him to sign up. So, do you The post Which Way Are You Running? appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

The End Is Not The End

In this video, Susan Sly shares her wisdom on an important skill in Network Marketing… following up. We talk often about the people in Network Marketing who were living in their car or were an addict, and we share all of these stories. But you have people like that on your list right now, and you’re not following up with them because you’ve told yourself a story. You say that they don’t have the money, and they’re not going to be interested. But if you genuinely care about people, then you will follow up and follow up and follow up The post The End Is Not The End appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

Find Your Story

Richard Brooke shares the story of how he used to work in a chicken factory after he graduated high school. The chickens would come by at 38 birds per minute (bpm), and he would cut them up. On average, he would cut up over 21,000 chickens per day. Brooke earned $3.05 per hour at the chicken plant. But the fact that he worked at a chicken plant and learned to tell that story has made him tens of millions of dollars! All of us have some kind of chicken plant story in our life. You had something to overcome or The post Find Your Story appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.