The Ultimate Social Network

Today, I want to talk about one of the most undervalued attributes of the Network Marketing profession: the social network. A study was done recently that showed the average American had 3.8 friends back in 1990. These were significant friends, confidants, people they could share important information with. So, you’d think that today, 27 years later, the number of friends would have grown because of social media and the interconnectivity of the world. But in fact, the number has decreased to about 1.8 friends today. We’re more connected than ever, but the significance of the social network that we are The post The Ultimate Social Network appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

Some Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

To learn how to explode your business with social media, register for the free 5 Strategies for Cracking the Code on Social Media webinar! I sat down with Bri Richardson and she had some great advice on how to use social media to grow your business. She says that once you decide to start a business, your personal profile on social media becomes your business profile. You build your brand through the things you put on social media.  So, don’t be afraid to put things out there, even when it has to do with business. But also keep your emotions in The post Some Do s and Don ts of Social Media appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

Effectively Schedule Social Media Automation With Buffer – Tutorial #2

Effectively Schedule Social Media Automation Do you use Social Media to promote your business? Are you doing Attraction Marketing? Are you Doing online Branding? If you spend any amount of time on Social Media trying to promote your business or your brand then you know how time consuming it can be, especially if you are [ ] The post Effectively Schedule Social Media Automation With Buffer Tutorial #2 appeared first on Success With JS.