Changing Your Mind’s Blueprint

I sat down with Kody Bateman, the author of MLM Blueprint, to discuss how one’s blueprint can affect their business. If you feel strange about doing well financially or feel insecure about Network Marketing at all, then you have a blueprint issue or a subconscious mind issue. One of the ways this blueprint issue manifests itself in people is that they apologize like crazy. Or they start projecting the negativity stuck in their mind by throwing out objections. Another way their negative blueprint manifests itself is that they start sabotaging their own business without even realizing it. So, I asked The post Changing Your Mind s Blueprint appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.


Are you scared to do FB Lives?
What if you could get over it in 5 days?
Imagine being able to start really leveraging the NEWEST INTERNET SECRET!

I’m doing a 5 day FB LIVE challenge starting Monday, Aug 21st. It will be in a secret group of people who all have the same fears so you can get over it with friends who will not judge you.

Listen in as I explain a little more…