Getting Over Your Fence

Ruthie Bolton is one of the most accomplished female athletes in the world. She is a 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist, a USA Basketball Female of the Year, and one of only 4 players to be named to the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2011. Today, Ruthie Bolton shares a story about the importance of mindset. She says that if you think you’ll never be successful, then you won’t be successful. If you’re worried about people thinking you’re crazy and wasting your money, be crazy and do something that will make your soar. Don’t ever walk away because of The post Getting Over Your Fence appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.

Changing Your Mind’s Blueprint

I sat down with Kody Bateman, the author of MLM Blueprint, to discuss how one’s blueprint can affect their business. If you feel strange about doing well financially or feel insecure about Network Marketing at all, then you have a blueprint issue or a subconscious mind issue. One of the ways this blueprint issue manifests itself in people is that they apologize like crazy. Or they start projecting the negativity stuck in their mind by throwing out objections. Another way their negative blueprint manifests itself is that they start sabotaging their own business without even realizing it. So, I asked The post Changing Your Mind s Blueprint appeared first on Network Marketing Pro.